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The Slim Down

How many of you started out strong? I'm talking you didn't even look in the vague direction of the ice cream aisle for weeks, maybe even months. You were walking, and hitting the gym and looking pretty darn good in those jeans. Who says New Year's resolutions can't be kept? Ice cream. That's who. It's always calling. It's always there. Ice cream understands.

Have you ever wondered why ice cream always seems to win? Why weight loss is so hard? Why do you crave those sweets or potato chips when you have a refrigerator full of broccoli waiting to be eaten?

Lack. Of. Balance. The scales are not tipped in your favor. Pun intended. Reflexology for weight loss isn't a miracle drug, but paired with healthy diet choices and an active lifestyle, you could be well on your way to your goal weight.

Balance in the body is key to keeping your craving and appetite at bay. By stimulating the area that corresponds to the spleen, you can reduce hunger, the main culprit of weight gain. The spleen corresponds with the very outside edge of the left foot.

Continuing on toward the center of the foot, you will work the stomach and pancreas. Stimulating these points allows your body to absorb more nutrients from the food you eat, ensuring you are getting the maximum nutritional value possible from your well-balanced diet.

Next up are the points for your gallbladder (located where your spleen is located except it is on the right foot) and your endocrine system (thyroid at the base of the big toe, pituitary gland in the center of the bottom of your big toe and your adrenals located slightly under the balls of your feet). The gallbladder is responsible for storing bile and bile emulsifies fats in your food. Your endocrine glands deal with your stress levels and stress levels affect sleep and cortisol levels, both of which add to tummy fat and impulse eating. 

Reflexology alone will not melt the weight away, but as we said before, in addition to healthy lifestyle habits, it can propel you toward a healthy slim down.

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